Tutoring vs Teaching

How is tutoring different from teaching, and how does the experience of the two differ for students? Find out in the article below.

Is your child ready to travel to school alone?

As parents, we often fight the urge to be overprotective of our kids, but there comes an age, where a little autonomy is a good thing. So, when is the right time to let the kids travel to school on th...

7 Tips to prepare your kids for school camp

Going on an overnight school camp is an amazing experience that builds resilience and confidence, but that first time away can also be a little scary. Here’s some good advice for new campers and the...

What your child’s report card is really saying.

Drawing on her experience writing and proofing end-of-year school reports, Cluey Chief Learning Officer, Dr Selina Samuels, shares her top tips for deciphering report cards.

Building resilience in children and teenagers

Teachers, the school and parents play a huge part in building a child’s resilience so they can maintain a positive mindset and are well equipped to thrive in the world.

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