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From catching up, building confidence and excelling in school, parents and students alike agree that Cluey works.


Watch an interview with a parent about Cluey Learning

Ally from Sydney talks about the convenience of Cluey Learning

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Here’s what parents around Australia are saying about Cluey Learning:

Well worth giving Cluey a try!

“I wasn't sure about online tutoring as my child has significant dyslexia. We thought we'd try it as it is convenient. My child really enjoys his tutoring and the organisation itself is extremely professional.”
Lindi, Adelaide
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My daughter looks forward to her lessons each week

“Daughter is happy and I have noticed an improvement. The content is just right for her to learn. The teacher gets to know the student and set work according to there ability. Student gets to pick tutor they would be comfortable with.”

My daughter looks forward to her lessons each week

“Great tuition tailored to individual needs. My son is being challenged and extended each week and really enjoys his sessions with the same tutor each time. He is learning a lot and most importantly enjoying it!”

Innovative platform and tailored tutoring

“Cluey online tutoring has helped my son to re-engage with Maths and English after a period of missing school. The tutors are respectful, patient and supportive and have helped him to be more confident in his abilities. The sessions start with setting of goals and ends with a review from tutor and student. The one-on-one face-to-face session format in the comfort of our home have been a godsend.”

Excellent tutoring. Very effective.

“They are very interested in tailoring to a childs needs. Asking questions about school tasks and making the session targeted. The tutors are amazing and if situations change, they are very adaptable.”

She is proud of the improvements she is making

“My daughter is in year 6 and HATES maths and as a result has fallen behind her peers. I was very concerned with her basic ability and reached out to Cluey for some help. They contacted me immediately and have provided a great platform for my daughter to get the help she needs. And, she is proud of the improvements she is making so I think she hates maths a little less now - which is fantastic. Good platform and good feedback from the tutor. Very happy with Cluey. Thank you!”
Troy Smith
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My daughter feels less anxious

“The tutors at Cluey Learning are kind, very helpful and super supportive. My daughter feels less anxious and more confident knowing that she has her tutor to lean on, ask questions and guide her through any difficulties she may be having. 100% recommend.”
Alex O'Callaghan
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My daughter looks forward to her lessons each week

“Great tuition tailored to individual needs. My son is being challenged and extended each week and really enjoys his sessions with the same tutor each time. He is learning a lot and most importantly enjoying it!”
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I could see his confidence grow immediately

“I've been so happy with Cluey so far. The customer service is exceptional and most importantly my teenage son was so pumped after his first session. I could see his confidence grow immediately after the session. I love that they follow the curriculum but are flexible enough to revisit any pressure points. In our case, my son had a test coming up on a topic they weren't going to be covering and our tutor mixed it up to work on the subject the test would be focusing on. At this point I absolutely recommend Cluey.”
Kylie Peake
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Each session was specifically tailored for my son

“My son has been going to Cluey Learning for the past few months and has had 23 lessons in total. I can definitely see the improvement and confidence in his English skills, thanks to his tutor’s guidance and amazing patience. Furthermore, each session was specifically tailored for my son, which increased the quality of the lessons. I would definitely recommend Cluey to any parents looking to help unlock their child’s potential, help them build confidence and make them excited to learn!”
Cindy Le
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He has gained so much self-confidence

“I was hesitant to proceed with tutoring as my teenage son was embarrassed to admit he needed help and I thought he may withdraw and not participate in lessons. Not only did Cluey find him a wonderfully suited tutor, he has gained so much self-confidence to attempt things he's never thought he was capable of. This has turned out to be the best decision for his future and I can't recommend Cluey more highly.”
Donna Mills

I think online tutoring at home worked especially well for us

“My 10 year old has had a 'in person' tutor before Cluey Learning but they didn't really engage him and it wasn't effective. Our experience with Cluey has been really great for him, Melissa has really engaged him and worked with his personality so well. I think online tutoring at home worked especially well for us, its easier and the tutors are fantastic. As a result, his confidence with English has really grown. We are very happy with Cluey learning and would happily recommend them.”
Paige Henderson
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We have seen a remarkable improvement

“My daughter started Cluey learning after having tried other tutorial support but this one was the best fit for her. We have seen a remarkable improvement in her maths. The tutor that they selected for my daughter was a really good fit. After trying so many other options we finally found the one that suits my daughter’s learning style. Cluey has been very responsive and profession it’s dealings with me.”
Sam Riddle
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They have made my sons learning experience online very enjoyable

“Signed my son up couple of months ago and in the two months he is loving the learning. He has the most amazing and fabulous Tutors, knowledgeable and friendly, they have made my sons learning experience online very enjoyable and more importantly he now understands solving problems with greater easy thanks to the patience and clear guidance of the amazing Tutors. Regular text message reminders received of scheduled session time and date. Must also say the admin staff are always friendly and fabulous customer service at all times. I have tried various different tutoring programs and one on one face to face sessions however I have found this to be the best and most convenient. Highly Recommend Cluey Learning”
Roza Stankovska
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Without travelling further than the loungeroom

“My child is very happy with the tutor. She has struggled with mathematics for last few years and I have tried other avenues. We find it easier to access a real person live and available without travelling further than the loungeroom.”
Suzanne H
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My daughter's tutor is friendly and helpful

“My daughter's tutor is friendly and helpful and you are able to manage each lesson and not worry about paying term fees like some other tutoring centres. Not having to travel to a centre and having lessons at home is also an advantage.”
Cynthia Fung
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I would definitely recommend

“I was initially hesitant to go with an online option for my yr10 son’s English tutoring, however could not find a private tutor to come to the home, so decided to give it a try. I’m pleased to say it is working very well! My son has said he finds it very helpful, and it is helping him with work he is doing in the classroom. I like the report at the end that tells me what he has done and what they will continue with. I would definitely recommend.”
Heather Bennett

Can already start to see the boys confidence and concentration growing

“I have twin boys going into high school who are struggling with English. I had many questions in the beginning and Cluey were just amazing at taking the time to answer everything first. It has only been a short time that we have started and am so impressed already. Cluey have been amazing at resolving anything I needed clarification on very quickly. You can view all sessions afterwards and are updated after every session. I love the reminders they send too. Their service and speed at resolving anything I can not fault. The tutor has been wonderful and can already start to see the boys confidence and concentration growing. I have been really impressed with how you can pause any sessions when things come up and love the fact their is no lock in periods at all. I was thinking if no results were achieved I can just cancel and nothing had been lost. After experiencing Cluey I am extremely satisfied and can not recommend highly enough.”
Mel Kiely
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We love Cluey. It has been a life saver for our family.

“We are extremely happy with the tutoring provided to our son. The tutor is amazing she knows just how to get him motivated and give him the confidence he needs to understand his maths questions. Everything he is learning with Cluey is relevant to what he is doing at school.”
Heidi, Central SA
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My daughter is shy when meeting new people but at Cluey she is comfortable in her own environment! Thanks Affia and Meg!

“Clear and achievable goals. Content of each lesson was aimed at helping my daughter feel successful. The tutors make the lessons enjoyable and fun to participate in. Thank you Cluey!”

Patient and easy understanding

“For a child with ASD I found it positive, when it did get difficult the tutor rephrased, broke it down simpler for the child to get his head around it.”

Such a brilliant concept and so convenient

“Such a brilliant concept. My kids love their tutors, who really get them and teach to their levels. It really shows that all tutors are carefully chosen for their skills. Strongly recommend!”

Cluey Learning is GREAT & Takes the Stress Out of Getting your kid to a tutor

“I am so happy with Cluey Learning. I was a little apprehensive about the whole online tutor thing but it has worked out better than I could have hoped. My son was very worried about having to go to a tutor for Year 8 Math, however, he LOVES his Cluey Learning tutor and is getting great results. He was failing math at the start of the year but is now getting around 80% in his school math's tests which is a huge improvement & my son is no longer worried about going to his math class. It's less threatening for my son to have his own personal online tutor and you also don't have the stress of finishing work and driving your kid to the tutor. Can't recommend Cluey Learning enough and it's also really easy to reschedule sessions if needed.”
Deanne, Melbourne
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Awesome tutoring

“My son has been tutored here for 3 months He has improved out of sight in Maths The feedback to the parents is amazing and we lobe the convenience as we are both working parents.”
Caron Madeline
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Cluey are just WONDERFUL

“Our 10 yr old daughter struggled with focussing in class and often says she 'can't do it' when faced with english or maths challenges in her homework. So we looked at tutors and rather having to worry about someone coming into our home, we booked her into a Group Tutoring session with Cluey... DEFINITELY the best thing we've ever done! It's wonderful, the tutors are friendly and knowledgeable and our daughter looks forward to every session. Once our program is over, we'll likely move her to 1-to-1 sessions with a tutor, at least for the next year or so. Very glad we chose Cluey, thanks guys.”

Helpful to rural families

“My daughter needed tutoring in high school English and we live in a rural location. It was hard to find someone to tutor her locally and difficult to organise a location. Her Cluey tutor is fantastic and has helped her improve a lot. The sessions are regular and I get detailed feedback as a parent. Highly recommend.”

Fits around our schedule

“Cluey Learning are fantastic. the tutor we had Nathan was amazing. the staff are kind and will fit around any schedule at home. my son learnt more with one on one and was looking forward to his education every week. assignments were completed, and because everyone learns different they have the right tutors for the right ages. a huge thank you to Nathan and the staff, we will be back.”
Kellie Gray
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Adapts to our dyslexic child

“My Daughter is a dancer in year 9 and maths is a difficult subject for my daughter as she has dyslexia and there are gaps in her learning. It is comforting to know that we can get support in bringing her schooling back to a successful situation. Thanks to the wonderful Tutor at Cluey Learning she has gone from failing to passing her recent maths tests. I highly recommend Cluey Learning if your child needs Tutoring Support, the Staff are professional, friendly and the online option is truly a great option for us as it fits in with her heavy school and dance schedule.”
Jayne Rosevear
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Has helped with confidence and performance

“She is feeling so much more confident with Maths and is in fact ahead of her class in her current subject. Not only that, but her marks have improved an incredible amount and she received 100% on her last exam. We would like to thank Ali for the work he has done with her and thank Cluey for a great program and such friendly service.”
Kristy Frith
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Tutor focuses on my son's challenges and acknowledges his strengths

“We just started Cluey Learning about 5 wks ago. On the first Saturday, my 3rd grader had 45mins of Maths and English, and on Sunday my 5th grader had 60mins of each. They loved it and we were really impressed too. Afterwards, CL called me to discuss pushing my son onto grade 6 numbers or working on grade 5 problem solving (comprehension, surprise!) after their feedback from the tutor. I'm impressed that the tutor picked up on his strengths and where he needs help and they've adapted for him.”
Aarti Vasoya
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Convenience helps us stay on top of our son's learning

“Love the convenience of Cluey Learning! with 3 children things can get pretty hectic around the house, cluey enables us to easily stay on top of our sons education journey without the hassle of needing to be somewhere specific at a certain time. Our son loves the tutors and as a result is like an information sponge and is completely focused and present in every session! Love it!”
Grace Jensen

My kids love their tutor

“Such a brilliant concept. My kids love their tutors, who really get them and teach to their levels. Strongly recommend!”
Simone Rapeport
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