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Join over 33,000 Australian students
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Cluey for schools

We work with schools to increase student engagement, academic success and to build confidence.

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Cluey for school students

Are you a principal, school administrator or teacher? We can help

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Supplementary curriculum-aligned remedial or extension support

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Programs designed & developed by teachers, delivered face-to-face, online

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Numeracy and Literacy support

Cluey is an approved NSW Department of Education Small Group Program Provider

Schedule an appointment with a School Academic Advisor to learn about how Cluey can partner with your school

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How Cluey supports schools

We offer a range of solutions to schools to fit the needs of your students and your timetable.

1-to-1 tutoring programs
English, Maths and Chemistry for individual students in Years 2-12 – intensive targeting and focus on individual learning needs.

Small group tutoring programs
Our tutors work together with up to five students (Years 3-10 in English or Maths) or a pair of students (Years 11-12 in English, Maths and Chemistry). Teachers assemble the groups based on your knowledge of your students.

National and State Curricula aligned programs
You can be confident that when your students are working with Cluey, they will be building on what they are doing in class.

Your dedicated Academic Advisor
Our School Academic Advisors are professionals that work with individual schools to offer a completely customised education solution and experience.

Personalised Learning
Nobody knows students’ personal learning needs better than their teachers. That’s why we work closely with teachers to ensure that each child has the right learning support and tutor. Our Education Faculty design and develop all personalised learning programs, including all the content, mapped to the curriculum and aligned to the specific syllabus areas.

Flexible and targeted
Learning with Cluey can happen when you want and where you want - during school, before school or after school. In a small group or 1-to-1. As often or as little as needed. And it’s all recorded, quality assured, and detailed reporting and feedback is provided to the teacher every week. So, you know that we’re always focussed on the learning that matters most.

We can focus on individuals or small groups

Watch the video to see how the learning platform can adapt to the configuration of private 1-to-1 sessions and small group learning, for primary through to senior secondary students and for English and Maths.

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Schedule an appointment with a School Academic Advisor to learn about how Cluey can partner with your school

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Why partner with Cluey?

With the help of Cluey, you can provide uninterrupted attention to students who need it without disrupting or taking attention away from the rest of the class.

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Relevance: We differentiate effectively, matching the learning programs and tutors to the needs of your students - from learning support to extension

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Curriculum: Our education team ensures that all content covered is aligned to the curriculum and relevant to the needs of the students

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Flexibility: Our tutors are completely flexible, and sessions can run during lesson time, at lunchtime, before or after school, depending on your timetable

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Insight: All our tutoring sessions are recorded and we provide extensive post-session reporting so teachers know exactly what happens in our sessions, allowing them the benefit of our data and insights

Putting students first

We share your priority of putting students first. Our education team explains how partnering with us helps you support individual student needs.

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Australia-wide support, face-to-face online

Because our tutoring sessions are face-to-face online, we are a great solution for:

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Regional, rural and remote schools - we can help if you struggle to find appropriate local support

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Boarding schools - we can run our programs as part of the regular homework / prep time so that boarding students receive targeted support without adding more work for your teachers

Schedule an appointment with a School Academic Advisor to learn about how Cluey can partner with your school

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Our expert educators

Since July 2018, we've delivered over 250,000 online learning sessions. As Australia's largest online tutoring and learning support organisation with experience working in schools, you can be confident that we know what works for Australian school students.

Cluey education faculty
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Experienced faculty and expert tutors

Cluey Faculty: Our team of experienced educators, led by Dr Selina Samuels, is responsible for the quality of every learning program, including content and tutor development.

Tutors: We have hundreds of tutors Australia-wide who are experienced teachers. They are provided with extensive training, professional development and ongoing supervision and feedback from our faculty.

Independent advisory board

Providing oversight and governance

Our independent Education Advisory Board, originally chaired by Professor Ian Young and now chaired by Professor Garry Falloon, provides further oversight of our programs and pedagogy.

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Professor Chris Tisdell

Associate Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Science and Director of the Scientia Education Academy, University of NSW and champion of digital education and STEM.

Professor Garry Falloon

Associate Dean, International and Professor of STEM Education and Digital Learning in the Faculty of Human Sciences at Macquarie University, former teacher and digital education innovator.

Professor Rosalind Dixon

Professor of Law at UNSW, leading public and comparative law scholar, and passionate advocate for educational excellence, innovation and access.

Andrew Pierpoint

President of the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association, experienced teacher, Head of Department and Principal, and champion of state education and school leaders, driven by values of social justice and equity.

We're already helping students and partnering with schools across Australia

Lenise Hollis, Principal

Fennell Bay Public School

Cluey Learning provided engaging and individualised 1:1 and small group tutor-led online lessons that catered for the needs of students with a range of abilities and additional needs. Students were eager to participate and an increase in on task behaviour was noted when interacting with the online platform. Our staff were particularly impressed with the professionalism and flexibility of the tutors both during lesson implementation and when providing weekly lesson reports. The Cluey administrative team were also readily available and willing to help and support our staff in the implementation of the program at all times.

Suada Bilali, Principal

Bankstown Girls' High School

Cluey supported our students in the development and consolidation of both their Literacy and Numeracy skills. The tutors were professional and made genuine connections immediately with our students. The course content was varied and individual needs were considered whenever possible, ensuring that all students were catered for. The individualised session feedback provided to the school assisted in tracking student improvement and ensuring any gaps in learning were addressed. From an organisational perspective, the school was supported with technical assistance, however, once implemented, the program ran with ease through our DEC systems. This program enhanced learning opportunities for our students and professionally supported skills based teaching.

Cluey Foundation

We also partner with Australian charities, education and community organisations to assist students with their learning and support educational research.

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