20 benefits of tutoring

Wondering whether tutoring can help your child? Discover the benefits of tutoring and the main reasons you might choose a tutor.

benefits of tutoring
Cluey Learning Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Still on the fence about whether to pay for extra educational support? When you choose the right program, tutoring can serve to build confidence, increase test scores and instill a love of learning in your child that will stay with them for life. 

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Check out our top benefits of tutoring below. 

  1. Improves grades and test scores
  2. Builds confidence
  3. Offers personalised attention
  4. Transforms attitudes towards learning and school
  5. Helps students become independent learners (learning to learn)
  6. Increases motivation to succeed
  7. Helps gifted children excel
  8. Fills learning gaps
  9. Gives children the freedom to ask ‘silly’ questions away from their peers
  10. Improves communication skills
  11. Prepares students for exams (NAPLAN, HSC, entrance exams)
  12. Combats growing class sizes
  13. Reduces distractions often found in class
  14. Can be tailored to a range of needs
  15. Increases engagement in school
  16. Strengthens foundations for learning in the future
  17. Helps to overcome educational hurdles
  18. Improves study habits
  19. Develops critical thinking
  20. Gives students access to a learning partner who isn’t their parent and isn’t their teacher.

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