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HolonIQ Australia & New Zealand EdTech 50

The HolonIQ 2020 Australia and New Zealand EdTech 50 recognizes the most promising EdTech startups headquartered across Australia and New Zealand.

The HolonIQ Education Intelligence Unit evaluated 700+ organizations from the region powered by data and insights from our Global Intelligence Platform. Expert analysts and Australia/New Zealand market experts assessed each organization based on HolonIQ’s scoring rubric, which covers the following dimensions:

  • Market. The quality and relative attractiveness of the specific market in which the company competes.
  • Product. The quality and uniqueness of the product itself. Demonstrated impact by the product or service.
  • Team. The expertise and diversity of the team.
  • Capital. The financial health of the company and in particular it’s ability to generate or secure sufficient resources.
  • Momentum. Positive changes in the size, velocity and impact of the company over time.