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Cluey Learning – online tutoring for years 2-12

Louise recently trialled Cluey Learning online tutoring to for her daughter Laura. They were both very happy with the experience, they sent out this review…

At Cluey Learning, personalisation means that they understand your child’s learning goals and needs, and provide the right help at the right time by combining focused, quality tutoring with structured content aligned to the school syllabus.

All sessions are 100% online and take place in a virtual learning platform, which means your child and the tutor work together at a time and place that suits your child’s daily schedule. There’s no need to be driving your child anywhere and no need for you to even be at home whilst they run the sessions. The tutor is hand picked to suit your child’s personality and needs, and my daughter loved her tutor and felt really comfortable with her. At school my daughter isn’t confident in asking questions in front of her friends and peers, but she is totally comfortable in front of her own computer asking the tutor questions.

Your child’s learning journey is delivered through live face-to-face sessions with their tutor covering all the theory and examples that they need. Your child also gets personalised feedback at the end of every session to track their progress. To help master concepts, the tutor may assign targeted practice questions between sessions that you review together in the following session.

For my daughter, tutoring with Cluey Learning not only helps her achieve her academic goals, but it has also increased her confidence in how to learn and what she is capable of.

If you would like to see what happens in your child’s sessions, you can watch the sessions too as every session is videoed and then sent as clips to review.

As the tutoring is all online it is a win for the children who love working online and a win for the parents in saving time, effort and money on group or private tutoring. Cluey Learning is online tutoring for years 2-12.