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Cluey Learning Review. Australian Online Tutoring Service for Students Makes Learning Convenient and Easy. 

School teachers at all year levels do a wonderful job when it comes to educating our kids. Regardless, it's quite normal and common for students to experience some difficulties with their individual learning from time to time, especially when it comes to understanding fundamental concepts and theories in any given subject. Without prompt intervention, a student may find themselves lagging behind their peers at school. This can lead to low self esteem and an apparent disinterest in learning altogether, plus a whole host of other issues down the track.

No matter where your child ranks academically, have you ever considered the benefits of a tutor to assist your child with their studies?

Tutors are experts in one-on-one learning and can help your child to overcome any learning hurdles they may face. Any student can benefit from tutoring too, not just those facing challenges. Personal tutoring can put students ahead in their studies, which may assist them to earn prized scholarships or succeed in the future to reach their goals. Every student can benefit from a personal tutor.

Cluey Learning is a Sydney-based online tutoring service designed for Australian school students. Cluey Learning offer highly professional tutors who are skilled at teaching kids. Sessions are tailored to each individual student's needs and are mapped to the Australian school syllabus for students in years 2-12.

Tutors at Cluey Learning are a selection of highly-screened, hand-picked teachers and top ATAR score achievers. A highly skilled professional tutor will be assigned by Cluey Learning to fulfill the needs of every student. Tutors specialise in English (years 2-12), Mathematics (years 2-12) and Chemistry (years 11-12). Sessions are structured to build on previous lessons in a logical and progressive way that works with each student's skills and needs. Worth noting too - all Cluey Learning tutors work within the framework of the Australian school syllabus and its State variations. They also cover NAPLAN preparation for years 3,5,7 and 9.

When Cluey Learning approached us to try out their online tutoring service, we were only too pleased to accept their generous offer. We've never used a tutor before with any of our kids. We discussed the proposal with our 13 year old son who was quite keen to hone in on some of his own personal learning hurdles in English.

In order to get the ball rolling on our son's tutoring sessions, Cluey Learning gave us a call and asked us about our child's specific learning needs. These were a series of simple questions regarding his year level, subject of choice, (he chose tutoring in English) and a few other general basics. He was given the option of a male or female tutor too. (Our son chose a male tutor.)

From here there was no need to do anything further as Cluey Learning took care of the rest.

Online lessons with Cluey Learning are a simple setup. Our son (Ruben), was assigned a professional tutor to assist him with his learning requirements. A day and session time was organised during our initial discussion on the phone. Our son was then emailed a direct link which would give him exclusive and instant online access to his regular tutor, on the agreed day and time of his ongoing lessons. (Saturdays at 11am.) Prior to his first lesson, Cluey Learning assisted Ruben to set up his internet portal and it was all quite easy from there.

Ruben's first tutoring session began with a meet and greet with his online tutor, who carefully navigated through our son's academic strengths and weaknesses to identify the focus, level and direction of his specific learning needs.

As soon as this was sorted, his tutor launched straight into a detailed and relevant refresher on grammar, punctuation and comprehension, the whole time, working with Ruben at his level - that of a 13 year old boy.

I personally listened in on each tutoring session and was highly impressed with the teaching skills of his tutor. He was extremely well educated, well spoken and very knowledgeable in English as a subject. Ruben was likewise, engaged and involved during each session which was great to see.

Shared texts which appear online are typically used to promote discussion and concrete learning examples. In our son's first session, he was asked to analyse the grammar and punctuation of Anh Do's 'The Happiest Refugee.' His comprehension was also guided via a systematic dissection of the supplied text. The Cluey Learning software allows for this valuable exchange to occur.

After each tutoring lesson, Cluey Learning provide a detailed report of all that is covered during the most recent session. This is emailed to parents around 24 hours post-session.

We found this report very helpful as we could see the excellent skills and knowledge being progressively passed along during each of these one-on-one sessions with our son. Additionally, students and parents can see a full history of each tutoring session simply by logging into their account on the Cluey Learning website.

We have found the online tutoring services provided by Cluey Learning to be absolutely exceptional! Our son reports that he feels much more confident in the subject of English since he began his lessons. Ruben found the one-on-one sessions enjoyable and with no distractions, (such as those found within a typical classroom), he has absorbed so much more information via this method of learning.

We highly recommend Cluey Learning and would not hesitate to use this service again in the future for any of our children.

Please visit the Cluey Learning website to learn more regarding fees and services. Setting up a tutor for your child is quick and easy and the pay-off is priceless. Cluey Learning conveniently provides online tutoring 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm.